The Wolf of BEST Street

Do you like being independent? Have you always been bold and eager to start something new? Take a step for your future career! If you like developing your own ideas, then you might have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

But, to find out for sure, BEST Bucharest is giving you the opportunity to embark on an epic journey on which you will learn everything about start-ups, how to build and manage one by yourself and make the most of your resources and time.

Moreover, you are given the chance to use your creativity, apply your innovative ideas, and develop both your business and soft skills. You will also engage in conversations with experienced business people, take part in different activities which will strengthen and enhance traditional business and leadership expertise.

What is more, you will have lots of fun, take dozens of memorable photos, visit places with breathtaking views, and get a taste of our culture and habits. Don't forget about walking the streets of Bucharest, city which once was known as "Little Paris". You have nothing but a great experience ahead.

How to apply

You can apply directly by accessing the application link.
If you are not already logged in, enter your email address and your password. In case you do not have an account, register here. Afterwards, contact your Local BEST Group to validate your account.
Submit your application.
If you have been accepted to the event, pay the necessary deposit—you ought to consider contacting your Local BEST Group by this step.
Arrange everything for your travel to the event location.
Participate in the event (actively following the schedule prepared by the organizers).
Pay the fee (if there is any).
After participating, evaluate the event. You will need to log in on the website in order to do this.
From your Local BEST Group, get the deposit back.

Our last summer course in pictures: