Diana Alupoaie

Main Organiser

Hey you! Yes, you - the one reading these lines right now. I’m Diana, your mighty Main Organiser that feeds on participants souls...Haha, got you! What I wanted to say was that I’m an enthusiastic being who charges her ‘batteries’ with the energy of those around her. More than that, I am a crazy fan of humankind - with its complicated psychology and sociology. I’m all about people, helping them in any way and learning from them. Last but not least, I want you to know that I consider myself a very lucky person and given the chance, I wanna share a bit of that luck with you! To find out what it’s all about, come to Bucharest on the 28th of June and meet my team and my LBG (Local BEST Group)!

Alexandra Stoica

Logistics Responsible

Hi there! Alex is my name and logistics is my game! I don't want to spoil the pleasure of meeting me so all I'm gonna say is not to be afraid of my straight face (you'll see and you'll understand), because underneath that there's this shy but kind and cheerful person who cannot wait to meet you. I feel like these are the years when you trully develope your personality and in order to do so you have to take advantage of all the opportunities you may encounter, or at least that's what I am trying to do. So jump in and let's live this adventure together!

Ana Neagu

Academic Responsible

In an infinite universe, does everything that’s possible have to happen somewhere? “You should only remember that everything that needs to happen will eventually happen”, said a not-so-well-known romanian author. I have been using this sentence as a mantra for 2 years and I can doubtlessly say it represents me from my toes up to my nose. Needless to say, I find it boundlessly delightful to step out of my comfort zone whenever I can. At least three times a week, to be more precisely. This is, briefly, who I am. Counting on the first sentence of this paragraph, there is a high probability to find out in a few months who you are. Get ready! Be there!

Cristian Săbiuță

PR Responsible

Hello guys! My main strengths would be to be PRoductive, PReoccupied, PRoactive, PRagmatic, PRactical and so on. I assume you've already caught up, I'm the PR responsible here and I'm just waiting to meet you all. Anything else about me? I love rock music, I'm extremely competitive, but let's not be exhaustive and keep the mystery until you get to Bucharest. See you there !!

Theodora Livia Mazilu

Weekend Trip Responsible

Hello, everyone! I am Theo, your Weekend Trip responsible. I consider myself a very ambitious person, I never give up, I am loyal, confident and sometimes I take things a little bit too serious. Travelling is my escape and the only way I really feel alive. Also, in order to figure out the type of person I am, I will leave here one of my favourite quotes: “Life doesn´t come with any guarantees. You have to risk it to get the biscuit." - The Alchemist, Paulo Cohelo. I can’t wait to meet you and be part of this adventure. See ya’!

Bianca Dinu

Fundraising Responsible

Hey there, everybody! My name is Bianca and I am your Fundraising Responsible! Let me see how much I can reveal about myself in these lines.. Hmm.. I LIKE TO SMILE! Like.. a lot! And I do this because I never let my problems overwhelm me! Also, I am ambitious and I don’t like hearing “No”. Even though I am 20, I tend to stumble eight times a day because I am a clumsy person and when I’m happy I sing, doesn’t matter where I am, or that my vocal skills are worse than every problem I could face. I can’t wait to meet you all and have fun together. I also want to mention that I keep singing since I started writing this.

Ioana Trică

Social Responsible

Bonjour bonjour, dear future participants! If you were thinking where exactly is the heart and soul of each and every party that will enlighten, surprise and reborn your inner crazy voice...Well, here she is, Trixie, the one you’ll notice by how much she embarrasses herself, makes faces or simply being a ball of life and energy. As might be expected, the optimistic part comes with the whole package and that’s mainly because my doctrine is summed up as follows: “Whatever life throws at me I'll take it and be grateful for it as well”. Long story short, in a few months the rollercoaster will start, so put your seatbelts!

Bogdan Nistor

Participants Responsible

Welcome, future participants! Your PAX responsible is here, impaciently waiting to meet you all. At first glance I might come as the serious type, but I’m what some would call a people’s person, always around, talking to everyone, not missing a thing. One of my great passions, despite my university’s profile is languages, so I bet you can strike a conversation with me any time in your mother tongue and see if we can get past the small talk part. I don’t want to spoil the mistery of getting to know me better at the event, so I’ll just add one more thing: while there are people and music around, you won’t miss me from the picture. So, buckle up and see you in Bucharest just a few months from now!