Magdalena Mihalache

Main Organiser

Hi, everyone! I'm Magda and if I know one thing about me, it’s that I love the idea of adventure and learning new things by stepping out of my comfort zone. My soft side enjoys reading and tasting sip by sip a hot coffee, and my crazy one, dancing and not staying a moment in one place! So I'm looking forward to meeting you and having the BEST time together! Kisses!

Ileana Veizu

Logistics Responsible

Hi, everyone! I am Ileana, a bipolar Gemini who can't wait to live new experiences along with other people. If there is something that I love, it’s to find out what makes your heart flutter and encourage you to do it. Don't forget, in 20 years’ time, you will regret the things you didn't do. So I can't wait to meet you and jump into this experience together!

Laszlo Kanyo

Academic Responsible

Hi guys! I'm Laci. I consider myself cheerful and optimistic and I usually have a positive attitude towards learning new stuff. Moreover, I believe I am a kind person since I enjoy helping people and seeing them smile. All my friends say that I am a funny guy, but they might as well be lying. So, you just have to find out for yourselves! Looking forward to meeting you! See ya'!

Laurentiu Toader

PR Responsible

Plato once said “Yes, I have been to Bucharest. It lived up to my expectations.”—but in Greek. I, Laur, now say: People are born equal and visiting Bucharest is available to all, not only to those who have founded the Academy in Athens. But what do I—a 21st century boom-bap-listening incurable hipster—know? Put Plato’s claim to the test. See if our capital lives up to your expectations too.

Iustina Silaghi

Weekend Trip Responsible

Guess who is here?! Your weekend responsible is the answer; Iustina is my name and if there is one thing that I am sure of it is the fact that I love people. Making new friends, sharing my stories with them and learning from their experience is the way I develop myself. Beside this, painting is one of my passions and I admire John Lennon very much. I won't give you any more spoilers. I am just eager to meet you and make the time of our lives together. Kisses!

Horia Leonte

Fundraising Responsible

Aloha, people! I'm Horia, "The Money Maker", and as you have probably guessed, I am the fundraising responsible for this amazing event (and I am more than excited). I am a gregarious person who likes to see and make people happy. I also like to make new friends, that's why I can't wait to see you this summer. My passion for the unknown and music is limitless, and my guitar is the most precious object I own... but no more spoilers! You have to find out the rest by yourselves! See U!

Cristina Pavel

Social Responsible

Hello, my ducklings! [Don’t worry, I’ll explain if you come to Bucharest.] What should I say about myself? I am a living contradiction. I enjoy both drinking tea while reading a book and mountain biking, I am a great student, but I also go to the parties, I can be both very nice and very mean. So, yeah… One could say I never know what I want, but that’s not true. Look, for example I want really bad to meet all of you and have an amazing time together. Don’t be surprised if you will find yourselves being my guide as I visit your countries.